OFFCUTS: Kids in kitchen

little chef in the kitchen pics for strictly kids – kids cooking articleIT’S school holiday time and with the weather leaning towards the feral, you may be losing your mind having the kidlets cooped up at home.
Shanghai night field

If you’ve exhausted the bowling alley, the shopping centre and the cinemas by this stage, maybe it’s time to turn to some gastronomic adventures (and I don’t mean the food poisoning kind).

There are some great places to eat out, a little out of the norm, that children and young adults alike will enjoy.

Anything with a gimmick usually works, so why not try a sushi train where they can pick things from the moving plates? It’s not all smoked eel or salmon sashimi – lots of Japanese have Westernised their fillings, with chicken and avocado commonly used.

A cuisine that isn’t too confronting is Mexican. Some great places that have opened up in the past year provide Mexican flavours without drowning them in greasy cheese. La Casita and Guzman y Gomez, both on Beaumont Street, have fresh, authentic fare that hungry bellies will devour.

The hottest place in town at the moment seems to be Yogurtland in Glendale. If you can tolerate the queues, kids will love choosing their own tub, flavours and toppings. Just make sure their eyes aren’t bigger than their stomachs because you pay by weight.

Once they’ve finished eating, let the kids bang saucepans and throw flour around in someone else’s kitchen.

The Essential Ingredient has great cooking classes for those junior chefs. From “Base to Ace” (learning to make pizza bases and toppings), to custard tart creations and whipping up Asian dishes, you can entertain them, then get them to cook dinner for you. Winning!

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