‘There was about one second, and then bang, bang, bang, bang’

Detectives set up a crime scene in the car park. Fatal shooting: police at the scene in Eastlakes. Photo: Nick Moir

Sydney residents have described hearing rapid gunfire and the screams of injured men during a drive-by shooting in Sydney’s south-east on Monday night, which left one person dead and another injured.

A group of men were standing in the rear car park of a block of units on George Street, Eastlakes, about 10pm on Monday when they were gunned down by the occupants of a passing black sedan.

One of the men, aged 37, was shot in the stomach and collapsed to the ground. Police arrived a short time later and attempted to revive him, but he died in the car park.

The second man, aged 25, suffered a gunshot wound to his leg and was taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where he was in a stable condition on Tuesday morning.

At least six shots were fired during the incident, and residents in the street said initially they believed fireworks were being set off.

One neighbour said he was in the back room of his home when he heard four initial gun shots.

“Then there was about one second, and then bang, bang, bang, bang, at least another four shots,” said the neighbour, who asked not to be named.

He said about 10 seconds later he heard a car speeding away.

The shooting victims were screaming in the street, he said.

“I heard the man yelling ‘Argh!’, and I heard the other man yelling somebody’s name, and then he said ‘Oh no’.”

The neighbour said he heard screams for help coming from the street. The police came about 10 minutes later.

The neighbour said when he went outside he saw the body of the shooting victim lying on the road, and the injured man lying on the footpath.

“He was yelling ‘Argh, my leg!’,” the neighbour said.

He said he did not know the people involved in the shooting, but had heard several arguments on the street in the past year between two groups of people, including one group who lived in the apartment block.

Another George Street resident who lives a few doors down said her husband ran out onto the street after hearing gunshots and saw two bodies on the ground.

One man was lying on the nature strip and another on the road.

“I was on the phone about 9.50pm and I heard two shots and I thought they might have been coming from a car, and then no more than about 20, 30 seconds [later], about another four shots in quick succession and then a car just sped off,” the woman said.

“My husband … I didn’t want him to come out, but he just went to the front fence and then he saw … up out the front of the units, a body on the nature strip and then one was on the road ’cause he saw his foot on the curb,” she said.

“It was mayhem. There were police cars everywhere there would have been about five ambulance and then lots of cars with guys all running up the street, screaming, yelling. Was just chaotic for a bit.”

Another neighbour said a “gang” had moved into the block about six months ago.

He said he heard two gunshots, followed by four more and then a man screaming for help.

“One of them was screaming and screamed ‘help’. They are a bad bunch,” he said.

Detectives from the anti-bikie Strike Force Raptor have spoken to a number of residents on George Street and asked them not to talk to anyone.

A man who lives a few doors down from the cream brick unit block said he had been living in the street for 35 years and described it as “the quietest street in Sydney”.

On Tuesday morning, two police officers guarded the entrance to the block and a team of officers from Police Rescue arrived to conduct a canvass of the area.

Witnesses also reported fighting on the street last week, but it is unclear if the two incidents are related.

Police said the attack was targeted, but have declined to speculate on the shooters of victims being bikie members.

– with Josh Hover, Rachel Olding

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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